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Why Clones?

Cloned sheep

A recent news item tells us that the Raelian sect - an American group which teaches that the human race stems from intelligent aliens who generated it by cloning themselves - now claims to have produced two actual babies by cloning. This is not, of course, a very plausible story. Ian Wilmot (leader of the team that produced Dolly the sheep) has pointed out that the process of engineering his one sheep involved the loss of more than 270 embryo lambs – some of them deliberately used for its manufacture, others turning out defective and often aborting before birth.

Light is Better than Mosquito Repellent: Honey is Better than Poison

Dalai Lama Aldershot

On Monday, 28th June 2015 I attended the 80th birthday celebratory visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the opening of the Buddhist centre in Aldershot, this being an area identified as having the largest population of Buddhists in the UK, and having strong links to the Gurkha and Nepalese community. The packed event was held in the enormous 7000-seater ESS stadium of Aldershot Football Club – not exactly my kind of ‘thing’, but a local SMN member kindly invited me, so I went along. I’m glad I did.