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The Scientific and Medical Network members sponsor Bee Fences in Kenya

Bee hive fence in Africa

Following a presentation by elephant researcher Lucy King at the 2015 Mystics and Scientists Conference, members raised £1459 towards the purchase of Bee Fences to protect at least two villages in Kenya from foraging elephants. Together with Gift Aid secured from Lord Andrew Stone, the total gift is £2,015 (matching the calendar year).

The 'Cognitive Iceberg' Model of Sensory Awareness


As of today, the conscious brain remains as elusive and as baffling as ever. In a bid to get at least a plausible inkling as to exactly what it takes - and above all, why - for a physical process to yield consciousness, I put forward the cognitive iceberg model of perceptual awareness. This iceberg is made of an "underwater part", where incoming sensory stimuli are encoded in the shape of what I call the suprels . Visual suprel s, for instance, are typically made in the visual cortical areas, where they remain unconscious.