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The Self-Creating Universe: the Emergence of a New Worldview

Emergentism, the subject of this article, is an old idea which in recent times has acquired new life and generated much interest and research across the whole spectrum of the natural and human sciences as well as in philosophy. John Clarke suggests it may offer a new worldview in needy times.

‘The greatest riddle of cosmology is that the universe is in a sense creative.’ - Karl Popper

Living Energy Resonators: Transcending the Gene to a New Story of Light and Life


Science has yet to solve major mysteries concerning life’s spontaneous selfassembly into intricate patterns. While explanations may one day be found by focusing entirely on genes and molecules, an elegant alternative already exists. For living beings have the capacity to behave as energy resonators, trapping spatially patterned light (electromagnetic energy) within them. This patterned energy field is called a resonant mode and may guide key aspects of biological development.


The Gene Myth