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The Scientific and Medical Network members sponsor Bee Fences in Kenya

Bee hive fence in Africa

Following a presentation by elephant researcher Lucy King at the 2015 Mystics and Scientists Conference, members raised £1459 towards the purchase of Bee Fences to protect at least two villages in Kenya from foraging elephants. Together with Gift Aid secured from Lord Andrew Stone, the total gift is £2,015 (matching the calendar year).

Spirit and Brain in the Emergence of the Complete Human Being on Earth

Spirit portrayed as butterfly emerging from human brain

It remains controversial to this day the precise point in the evolutionary chain leading from apes to modern man at which the first men, the primeval men, came into being on earth. The main reason for this controversy derives from the inability of the evolutionists to be able to formulate incontrovertible criteria for distinguishing between what, on the one hand, might have been the most highly developed apes and what, on the other hand, could already have been primeval men.