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Late Thoughts; After 90 years

Map, compass and telescope

Editor’s Note:  Member Professor Erland Lagerroth celebrated his 90th birthday this year. As you will see from the autobiography and article below, he has been a prolific and pioneering author in Swedish. He was prominent enough to attract the attention of Swedish skeptics, who awarded him the title of ‘Misleader of the Year’ - a tribute to his moral and intellectual courage in standing up for an approach beyond standard materialism. 

Jewels Made From Diamonds or Plastic?

Human palm made of gears and cogs

Whenever we have been furnished with tar baby ostensibly stuffed with jewels, and warned that it will be dishonourable and irreverent to disembowel it and test the jewels, we keep our sacrilegious hands off it. We submit, not reluctantly, but rather gladly, for we are privately afraid we should find, upon examination, that the jewels are not diamonds but manufactured out of cheap plastic. - Mark Twain[